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“The Lighthouse with No Name” (a poem for my Name Reveal)



I initially started my full-time writing venture with the intention to be completely anonymous. (I even considered staying “sexless,” but I knew that would make my writing very limited in terms of voice and POV.) Being an avid reader, myself, I knew how much readers appreciate it when authors are candid and real with their audience. People naturally want to relate to the author, and I understand that. But you see, in my case, I wanted to be faceless…nameless…to have people read my words as-is, without the distraction or influence of my identity or physical features. I wanted to see if people would like what I had to say, if my words held any power in and of themselves, if my work would touch peoples’ lives…in a sense, I wanted to see if I was any GOOD whatsoever.

Well. Things don’t appear too shabby. I seem to be gaining the slow-growing, organic following I’ve always desired. Not to say that it’s wrong to show your face, or expose your full name. Not at all. But I, personally, never wanted it to affect how people viewed my writing. I know it is hard for people to fall in love with a purely abstract idea of a person, because they desire that physical, tangible image to connect the words to an actual person. I understand that. Very much so. And I will get there eventually, I’m sure.

My dear friend, @eddiecabbage, reminded me that if I plan to make a career out of this, I’m going to need to use my full name. He has a point. I can’t just have “Jess” or “Rhetorical Redhead” on my business cards or on any legit published work. I knew from the beginning that I couldn’t be completely anonymous forever–that I would have to start revealing little parts of myself as time went on. But, to be honest, I just didn’t expect it to be this soon.

So, for now, I give you my name. (I’m saving the Big Reveal of my tic-tacs-and-toothpicks-face for a later date. Hehe.) As always, I love you all. I appreciate you. I am grateful for you. You continue to humble me and help me learn more about myself, and you push me to be a better writer and a better person. THANK YOU. And happy writing.

Best regards,

Jessica Murdoch, the Rhetorical Redhead

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