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Supporting Writers Sunday: Eddie Cabbage

On Eddie Cabbage: The Rhetorical Truth from the Rhetorical Redhead

Eddie Cabbage, the TruthI dubbed @eddiecabbage” #TheGodfatherOfInstagram” a long time ago as a joke. But soon, our inside joke became quite a fitting name…and so it stuck. I have been fortunate to have Eddie as a friend and colleague for the past eight months, and he has taught me so much about myself, my writing process, the joys and evils of Instagram, and the rapidly-changing writer-world we live in. I’ve witnessed so many other writers praising Eddie for his honesty and Truth-seeking journey, while other writers verbally gang rape him both publicly and behind his back. It’s a funny culture we live in, where immediate gratification is celebrated and constructive criticism is damned; Eddie holds no shame in calling writers out when plagiarizing or proving “two-faced”–in short, he holds the Instagram writing community accountable. And honestly, you can’t argue with his logic. I’ve noted that most people who hate and/or verbally bash Eddie just don’t “get it.” And by “it,” I mean The Big Picture. Sure, earlier on in our friendship I questioned if I should be backing this unfiltered, no-muss no-fuss, fearless, outwardly raw, and brutally honest writer. Sometimes his blunt nature shocked me and/or made me feel uncomfortable…but he was always right. His intentions were always pure and his points were always valid. So when I questioned his motives or his actions, I found him guilty of nothing other than being truthful and open in a society that thrives off manipulative personas and false/instant success.

Etsy Shop Now Open for Business!



Click the “STORE” tab on the far right of this site’s menu header, or go to to view my listings and place an order!

Tremendous gratitude to EACH and EVERY reader and supporter who has helped to make this possible. Without your encouragement I would still be holed up at my writing desk, wondering if I was any good at all.

Well…apparently you like my scribbles enough to want to buy them, so–as per your request–I have opened an Etsy Shop to start selling my haikus and prose, printed and displayed in unique, creative ways because that’s how I roll. There is also an option I’m excited to offer–SHADOWBOX POETRY!!! All poems are make to order, signed, and packaged by yours truly with extra care and extra goodies! At the moment, the listings are pretty basic (you request which poem/haiku/shadowbox you would like) until I get a grasp of what works best for the shop. Again, I cannot thank you enough for making this possible. My deepest gratitude goes out to you all. I am truly humbled at how far I have come as a small town, female writer in such a short amount of time. Much love.

~Jessica Murdoch


Dark Roast Forever Blend (a poem)

Dark Roast Forever Blend (a poem)

“The Lighthouse with No Name” (a poem for my Name Reveal)



I initially started my full-time writing venture with the intention to be completely anonymous. (I even considered staying “sexless,” but I knew that would make my writing very limited in terms of voice and POV.) Being an avid reader, myself, I knew how much readers appreciate it when authors are candid and real with their audience. People naturally want to relate to the author, and I understand that. But you see, in my case, I wanted to be faceless…nameless…to have people read my words as-is, without the distraction or influence of my identity or physical features. I wanted to see if people would like what I had to say, if my words held any power in and of themselves, if my work would touch peoples’ lives…in a sense, I wanted to see if I was any GOOD whatsoever.

Daily Haiku #45

Daily Haiku #45

Practice: “Over the Love” lyrics by Florence and the Machine

"Over the Love" by Florence & the Machine



































































Some projects in the works, but practicing in my down time. My goodness, I love this new ink! So smooth and rich in sepia red-brown. Getting used to making it a uniform color, and still working on my crappy handwriting. I no longer dread writing my calligraphy pieces, though; I never mess up! Woo!

Daily Haiku #44

Daily Haiku #44

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