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Pop Up Poetry 04.18.2015

Better late than never! I wanted to give you guys another peek into my event this last weekend during our glorious 70-degree sunny weather. 🙂 I set out to perform Pop Up Poetry at two locations on Saturday: first at Broadway Coffeehouse in the late morning/early afternoon, then to Archive Coffee & Bar in the evening. My first time performing a Daily Double, I am merely thrilled that I managed to survive! It was incredibly fun, as always, and I got to meet some wonderful people who were so kind to share their stories with me. Thanks to each of you for giving me a priceless gift time and time again! Hope to see you again soon!

Some Pop Up poems below in order of creation…Hope you enjoy!


Pop Up Poetry 03.03.2015

Improv Pop Up Napkin Poetry

with my dear friend, Sharalyn…

Pop Up Napkin Poetry Pic


Our two loves as our first prompts for one another… 🙂

PUP Napkin Words & Music

Falafel for me, Spring for her…Falafel was the first thing she thought of, and I gave her Spring since Winter was giving her the seasonal blues. 🙂

PUP Napkin Falafel & Spring


Pop Up Poetry 02.28.2015

Poems and backstories behind tonight’s Pop Up Poetry gig on location at Archive Coffee & Bar…

Archive’s decor and overall theme just makes me giddy with nostalgia of a bygone era. It always provides with the perfect mood and atmosphere. Combined with excellent coffee, craft cocktails, and delicious food…it will forever be one of my favorite haunts. So thrilled to be doing Pop Up Poetry with them.

PUP Archive Setup


Poetry below! 🙂

Remember (Letters to a Friend Series)

Remember (Letters to a Friend Series)

Dear Sir (Letters to a Friend Series)

Dear Sir (Letters to a Friend Series)

Pop Up Poetry: “Family”

I never turn down anyone. I love you people. All of you. Come…talk with me. Tell me your story; I want to hear it. And, if I may, I will memorialize it for you because your life is just as beautiful as the next.

Lovely meeting this little family of three–mom, dad, and 3-month-old Vincenzo. Hope to see you guys in Portland sometime!

PUP Family

The Exception

The Exception

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