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Quote by Marianne Williamson

What’s not to love about this poem by Marianne Williamson? What an encouraging and insightful piece of prose! I have this sitting on my writing desk for inspiration, and as a daily reminder of who I am and who He calls me to be, as a woman, as a friend, as a wife, and as a writer. As the year closes and a new one dawns, I draw upon this poem for what my goals and desires for this next year will look like. A new chapter is opening for me and my writing career; there is no room for fear or for insecurity in walking the path He has laid out for me. Faith and trust…for my playing small does not serve the world. Bring it on, 2015. For if God is for us, than who can stand against us?

Quote by Marianne Williamson

Pop Up Poetry On Demand 12.16.2014

My dear friend, Eddie Cabbage, and I decided to do a non-collaboration by hosting Pop Up Poetry On Demand together this evening, combining my #PopUpPoetry and his #PoetryOnDemand. We opened up our Instagram feed to poetry subjects as requested by our followers and friends alike, and the following post is a gallery of what we came up with: 12 custom poems by each writer, so 24 total. (Yes, a long post, but we promise it’s worth the read!) I’m always in awe of Eddie’s improv poem abilities, and I am beyond blessed and privileged to have him as my mentor, my colleague, and most importantly, my invaluable friend. Thanks for such a fun evening, everyone! And remember, you can purchase these poems via Etsy as a 2-poem-package, typed and signed by Eddie and me. Enjoy!

You can follow @eddiecabbage on Instagram and on his website at

Comments beneath each image are written by the respective author.

PUP Having No Idea Where Life is Going

First #PopUpPoetryOnDemand piece for @zacharyburlingame. (Apologies for the delay, I’m doing this in public tonight, hah! Lovely little interruptions.) An excellent prompt, my friend. I definitely feel you on this. ❤ Best wishes to you. Check out @eddiecabbage for his interpretation of this prompt for Mr. Burlingame!

Pop Up Poetry On Demand Begins!

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! #PopUpPoetryOnDemand is coming to an Instagram feed near you. Like RIGHT MEOW. (We are combining my #PopUpPoetry and Eddie’s #PoetryOnDemand.) Now accepting poem requests via Instagram. Please think of some good subjects as @eddiecabbage and I will only be choosing 12 tonight! You are permitted to comment a request only once (well, you can submit multiple but we will only consider your first). At the end of the evening there will be 24 original poems, which will be available to purchase as 2-poem-bundles from Eddie will be mailing his 12 signed poems plus an additional 2 signed copies of each to me, and I will handle the orders. CHEERS TO TONIGHT! Let’s make it a memorable one!

Pop Up Poetry On Demand

When the Time Comes

When the Time Comes

Where Do You Go?

“People have a great need to know there are still places on this earth that can be called wilderness. Among the privileged regions of our world where we can still find these hideaways is the place called ‘Oregon.’ Here the theatre of the wilderness is a living presence.”

-Paul M. Lewis-

I come here to recharge. To replenish that which the world takes from me. I contemplate. I walk. I muse. I find inspiration in the scenery and the town and its people. I read. I write without expectation and it flows with ease. It gives me a sense of renewal..for here…I am born again. #wheredoyougo ???

Where Do You Go?


Cannon Beach back

Pop Up Poetry: “Polar Bear on a Pogo Stick”

Surprise #PopUpPoetry moment…Struck up a conversation with a guy at a coffeeshop. Turns out he’s a writer too. He jokingly tossed out, “So you’d write about a polar bear on a pogo stick if I asked you to?” I laughed with him. But he wasn’t expecting me to actually deliver. Should’ve seen his face. So great chatting with you, Erick. Best of luck in your ventures! #ladyofmyword #neverbackdown#youvebeenwarned

PUP Polar Bear on a Pogo Stick

Haiku #113

Long time no see! I forgot how much I missed doing my daily haikus…such good calligraphy practice and good mental discipline. Here’s a little inspiration and encouragement for all you writers and non-writers alike! Have a lovely weekend!
Haiku #113

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