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The Rogue Ovary Chronicles: A Tale of Two Cysts

Note: This blog post includes a lot of biological/sexual/medical descriptions that may be considered graphic for some readers…this is a post about my lady-anatomy, after all. I do not spare any details; read with caution if you’re prone to discomfort when reading such content.

Monday, August 3rd, 2015 – 8:30 pm

Irony has a funny way of jumping in to my life to yell, “Surprise!” while my pants are still down.

Steve and I just had a lovely round of marital relations and were looking forward to a nice relaxing evening, probably involving a movie and going to bed early. (Don’t squirm–intercourse is kind of a thing that happens in marriage, people. And I include this snippet because it single-handedly initiated the following story.)

I stood upright to go to the bathroom and was greeted by severe cramping in my lower abdomen. Curious, as I have never, ever experienced cramping before (lucky me, I know…sympathies to my not-so-lucky fellow females out there). True, I was due to start my cycle any day now, but this was something quite different than the usual pangs of discomfort.

Cramping was soon accompanied by extreme bloating in my upper abdomen, and the pain only continued to increase as an hour passed by. I lay in bed with a heat pad on my stomach in hopes the cramping would pass. But I found myself sitting on the throne of my misery, cramping at a full roar with my abdomen refusing any form of calm as nausea and fatigue and light-headedness took over.

I couldn’t even call out to Steve, barely getting out, “Babe…something’s wrong…”

He called an advice nurse through our insurance company, who asked me a laundry list of questions and concluded with, “You need to be seen at the ER. Immediately.”


Steve was a superhero—dashing around the house to pack a small bag of necessities for the hospital as I attempted to confidently leave the bathroom behind without concern of needing it again soon.

This was bad. Let me be clear—I have a high pain tolerance. Like, stupidly high. I know when my body is just dealing with something minor, which is most of the time. But this was unlike anything I’d ever felt, and everything in my body and brain screamed wrong wrong wrong. The pain was so bad I seriously considered telling Steve to drive me to Salem Hospital (which is a desperate move…everyone knows how bad the local hospital is when it comes to ER care…or any care for that matter). The proximity was that tempting. Steve reasoned me out of my insanity, though, reminding me that I would be seen and likely diagnosed at Silverton Hospital in the same amount of time it would take Salem Hospital to simply call me into triage.

Good point. To Silverton…

Local Event: Artists’ Reception

It’s legit. This Thursday at 6:00 PM @broadwaycoffeehouse will be hosting an Artists’ Reception for our local “Friday Artists,” whose works are currently hanging in the urban bar of the coffeehouse. The event will  feature music from Branches Company and #PopUpPoetry from yours truly, #JessicaMurdoch the #RhetoricalRedhead. Come hang out with me and support your local artists by kicking back for a relaxing evening! See ya there! ❤


I Dream of Archery

Just woke up from a dream:
I disobeyed an order on the battlefield and, as punishment, my commander was to take my pointer finger. I convinced him to take my pinky instead…my reasoning–I still wanted to be able to draw my bow, and I would be a useless warrior without it. ❤ (Proud to say I didn’t make a sound when it was done.) #recurvebow #want #idreamofarchery

I Dream of Archery
(Photo courtesy of Google Images.)


Pop Up Poetry On Demand 12.16.2014

My dear friend, Eddie Cabbage, and I decided to do a non-collaboration by hosting Pop Up Poetry On Demand together this evening, combining my #PopUpPoetry and his #PoetryOnDemand. We opened up our Instagram feed to poetry subjects as requested by our followers and friends alike, and the following post is a gallery of what we came up with: 12 custom poems by each writer, so 24 total. (Yes, a long post, but we promise it’s worth the read!) I’m always in awe of Eddie’s improv poem abilities, and I am beyond blessed and privileged to have him as my mentor, my colleague, and most importantly, my invaluable friend. Thanks for such a fun evening, everyone! And remember, you can purchase these poems via Etsy as a 2-poem-package, typed and signed by Eddie and me. Enjoy!

You can follow @eddiecabbage on Instagram and on his website at

Comments beneath each image are written by the respective author.

PUP Having No Idea Where Life is Going

First #PopUpPoetryOnDemand piece for @zacharyburlingame. (Apologies for the delay, I’m doing this in public tonight, hah! Lovely little interruptions.) An excellent prompt, my friend. I definitely feel you on this. ❤ Best wishes to you. Check out @eddiecabbage for his interpretation of this prompt for Mr. Burlingame!

Pop Up Poetry On Demand Begins!

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! #PopUpPoetryOnDemand is coming to an Instagram feed near you. Like RIGHT MEOW. (We are combining my #PopUpPoetry and Eddie’s #PoetryOnDemand.) Now accepting poem requests via Instagram. Please think of some good subjects as @eddiecabbage and I will only be choosing 12 tonight! You are permitted to comment a request only once (well, you can submit multiple but we will only consider your first). At the end of the evening there will be 24 original poems, which will be available to purchase as 2-poem-bundles from Eddie will be mailing his 12 signed poems plus an additional 2 signed copies of each to me, and I will handle the orders. CHEERS TO TONIGHT! Let’s make it a memorable one!

Pop Up Poetry On Demand

Where I Go

Back to reality today after a glorious weekend in #CannonBeach. So fun to see other writers participate in #WhereDoYouGo…divulging that special place which refuels them. (Keep ’em coming!) There is something about this particular coastal town that just gets under my skin and invigorates my marrow. It consumes me and awakens my writer soul. There is no other place which inspires me more. In other news…my hair grows about 10″ every year. And it shows. #nojoke #miraclegrow #holymotherofpearl #haircutanyone

Where I Go

When the Time Comes

When the Time Comes

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