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“Poetry Has a New Name”

 “Salem’s art scene is untapped. Portland—forget about it. It’s like elbowing into a crowded sardine can. But not here. This is a river you can leap into, and create a great literary scene.”

Henry Hughes, in an interview with the Salem Weeklybunchofanimals

Click here to read my recent article in the Salem Weekly‘s Art section, discussing our local poetry community.

The article weaves through an insightful interview with the ever gracious poet and author, Henry Hughes, who has just released a new collection of poetry, Bunch of Animals, as well as a memoir, Back Seat with Fish. Hughes’ writing continues to capture his ongoing love affair with fishing, people, nature, and the Pacific Northwest in exquisite detail and accuracy. Both his poetry and his nonfiction are highly recommended. You can read reviews for Hughes’ Back Seat with Fish by clicking here. For reviews on Bunch of Animals, click here. Both books are available for purchase on

(Cover image for Bunch of Animals is an original piece by local artist Gregory Poulin.)

“Salem” – a sonnet

“Salem” is an original poem written by Jessica Murdoch, published in the Salem Weekly newspaper on September 3rd, 2015. As requested by #PopUpPoetry customer, Christine, the poem is a sonnet (specifically a Shakespearean-style sonnet) written in iambic pentameter, with the rhyme scheme ABAB CDCD EFEFGG.

© 2015 Rhetorical Redhead All Rights Reserved

Salem Writes - 'Salem' a sonnet


Pop Up Poetry Practice: Artists’ Reception

Practicing new paper size and timing for tomorrow’s gig at @broadwaycoffeehouse. Eddie is always pushing me to put forth my best performance. Thanks for the prompts, my friend. 🙂

PUP Roadtrip Adventure


More below!


Feeling adventurous….Who dares to follow me down the rabbit hole?



Because it’s Fall! And Fall is beautiful. I’ve missed you, #calligraphy! Except that my pen nib choked at the last word…oh well.

Scent of dewy earth and smoky breeze
Mulch of color beneath booted feet
Gripping tight life’s warmth in cupped hands
As leaves turn and blush in the arms of their wooded lovers.


Writer’s Escape

Never be too busy taking care of others in such a way that you forget to take care of yourself…. Reconnecting with *me* tonight… ‘Well hullo there. It’s been a while. Pull up a bench. Let’s write.’ ….Mmkay. 🙂

Writer's Escape

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