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Pop Up Poetry Announcement 11.28.2014


Tonight. 6:00PST/9:00EST. Let’s get it on. That’s right…I’ll be hosting my first (online) #PopUpPoetry event on my Instagram account! This is not a contest. This is where all you lovely people get to toss out any subject to me (via the comment section) and I will type up an original custom poem for you on the spot. All poems will be listed for sale on my Etsy shop. I’m not looking for follows or an ego boost; I’m simply needing some legit practice time because I plan to go out on the streets and do Pop Up Poetry LIVE come springtime. (Woo!) Plus, I am eager to interact with YOU! So hit me! Let’s have some fun! I look forward to your participation and seeing what awesome topics you guys will challenge me with! (Super duper chocolatey bonus brownie points for unique, intriguing subjects!) Cheers! ❤
PUP Announcement

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