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Pop Up Poetry 04.18.2015

Better late than never! I wanted to give you guys another peek into my event this last weekend during our glorious 70-degree sunny weather. 🙂 I set out to perform Pop Up Poetry at two locations on Saturday: first at Broadway Coffeehouse in the late morning/early afternoon, then to Archive Coffee & Bar in the evening. My first time performing a Daily Double, I am merely thrilled that I managed to survive! It was incredibly fun, as always, and I got to meet some wonderful people who were so kind to share their stories with me. Thanks to each of you for giving me a priceless gift time and time again! Hope to see you again soon!

Some Pop Up poems below in order of creation…Hope you enjoy!


The hubs snapped a quick shot before the afternoon got going. 🙂 The face behind the name!

PUP 04.18.2015

The hubs behind the face behind the name. 😉 I would be a hot mess without this guy to be my incredible rockstar of an assistant!

PUP 04.18.2015 Steve

The poem below is a thank you from a son to his father. Connor goes to college here while his father supports him unconditionally from New Orleans. Money can’t buy that kind of bond. Sooo great talking with you, Connor! Congrats on graduating and best of luck in all your ventures! (Side note–Connor’s father, Jesse, sent Connor a poem from a busker in New Orleans…but feared he got swindled! So Connor wanted to assure him that he didn’t, and that long-distance poems were worth it. *awwww*)

PUP Thank You

Strength comes in many forms….I had the honor of meeting a woman today whose strength is truly inspiring. Rising above a horrifying home situation, she absolutely embodies Courage to me. The Church so often frowns upon divorce, but sometimes, for the sake of safety of not only yourself but of your children, one cannot and should not remain in such an unhealthy relationship. Blessings to you, Kat, for taking that grand leap…trusting that God would take care of the rest. It was a privilege to write this poem for you today; I am so proud of you, my dear, and I admire your iron will for recognizing right from wrong and acting upon it. Your children will one day know the sacrifices you made to build a better life for them…and they will love you all the more for it…

PUP Courage

There’s nothing like that love for your furry best friends. This lovely woman asked for a poem about her two black kitties, who so happen to be brothers. She then requested a haiku instead of a poem…I gave her both! Haiku to follow below!

PUP Black Cat Brothers PUP Haiku black cats

“The Pursuit of Adventure” for my dear friend, Mike. It is such a blessing when my friends come out to support me. Thank you so much! Adventure is my Muse, as well, so I was thrilled to see we share the same spirit! Happy travels, my friend.

PUP The Pursuit of Adventure

Mike’s wife, Amanda, subsequently asked for a poem on “Resistance.” When I asked her what she was resisting, she gestured into the air and exclaimed, “EVERYTHING!” 😉 That’s all I needed to know. #beenthere #donethat

PUP Resistance

Onto Archive and more poetry! A lovely group of bachelor party gentlemen came in to celebrate their buddy’s marriage, and requested this poem for him. On Bachelor Parties, morning afters, and Love…You guys were so fun, thanks for the support and for making me laugh!PUP On Getting Married

Two friends were apparently discussing Chemistry (the subject) and combining it with Pinot. This was the result from their request…
PUP Chemistry & Pinot Noir

Thanks again to everyone who continues to support and provide endless entertainment! I only hope to do the same. Cheers and see you soon! 🙂

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