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Pop Up Poetry 02.28.2015

Poems and backstories behind tonight’s Pop Up Poetry gig on location at Archive Coffee & Bar…

Archive’s decor and overall theme just makes me giddy with nostalgia of a bygone era. It always provides with the perfect mood and atmosphere. Combined with excellent coffee, craft cocktails, and delicious food…it will forever be one of my favorite haunts. So thrilled to be doing Pop Up Poetry with them.

PUP Archive Setup


Poetry below! 🙂



Kathryn told me the story of her previous experience in Africa while on a mission, and how she is completely in love with Africa and Her people. She intends to return this summer, and hopefully commit her career life to helping people in villages without proper healthcare. Wow. Such an inspiring story from this wonderful woman! I wish you only the best, my dear–you’re going to change the world with a mind and heart like that. 🙂

PUP Africa

As it so happened, a local artist was sitting beside me doing some sketching in a notebook. We struck up a conversation about art and what it is that we both do for a living and our spouses and life in general. He permitted me to see what he was working on (and I have to admit that Rich is very VERY good). I told him to give a topic…”Beauty,” he said, and I set to work. He then asked if he could sketch me while I was typing, to which I obliged. It was such an honor conversing with you, Rich! I truly hope to run into you again soon. Happy drawing!PUP Beauty

The owners of Archive Coffee & Bar are just about to have their second child, a daughter. It was a privilege to write this for your newest addition, Justin and Kira! I am absolutely enamored with her name… 🙂PUP Florence Jane Doyle


Another group sitting beside me offered up the topic “Sockeye Salmon” without any explanation, ha! It was wonderful to learn that they were, in fact, members of the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission in Portland, Oregon. (Whoa.) We chatted a little about salmon before I typed this out for Michael. This one definitely made me think hard, since I’m not one to typically go fishing! Salmon really are incredible creatures, though. Such a fascinating life cycle they have. Thank you for being such gracious customers!PUP Sockeye Salmon

This fine gentleman was mourning the loss of the beloved Spock, Leonard Nimoy, with all other Trekkies. And so…here is a tribute to the amazing actor and human, who, in my opinion, died too soon. I hope this honors your memory, Mr. Spock. #livelongandprosper
PUP The Final Frontier

 A couple had just received news that the wife just had her bag stolen, which contained not only items of value but also a presentation for her job, which she had to present the following day. (OHMYGOSH.) Rick, the husband, was so sweet and wanted me to write a poem to reassure Stephanie that all will be well.

PUP Stolen

Steven and Alex, newly-engaged, are avid hikers and looooove being outdoors. It was so fun to hear how much they enjoy adventuring with one another, and I can only wish the happiest of trails for you two! Congrats and have a blast–marriage is THE grandest adventure. 🙂
PUP Nature Hiking

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