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Poetry isn’t dead…and neither is Rhyme

Guys…whatever happened to Rhyme? And why is it so taboo in modern writing?! Screw customs and social expectations when it comes to the words we bleed. We should pen anything and everything that burns within us. And for a long time, it has puzzled me, personally, to see how nearly ALL “traditional” conventions (brilliant as they are) have been kicked to the gutter for this modern trend of simple prose broken into shorter lines (of which I am guilty–I am no better). As for Rhyming, it is awesome and timeless. It has a time and a place, sure; we don’t want weird nursery rhymes ALL the time…but why not challenge ourselves to insert even just one rhyme or near-rhyme in our poetry? It’s difficult. It requires a keen eye and precise thought regarding placement. But when you nail it….ohhhh so goooood. #wordporn #eyecandy I’d like to bring it back–all the traditional tricks of the trade–to be gloriously displayed like Easter eggs in a video game. I refuse to watch myself and other writers forget the classic poetic conventions that got us to where we are in the first place. #bringingitback #poetryisntdead #neitherisrhyme #vivalarevolucion #endrant


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