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The Lego Movie: Everything Was Awesome

Take an all-star voice acting cast, mix in the timeless usage of stop-motion filming, a dash of CGI, an unexpected pinch of live-action, and an overabundance of the most classic toy of all time. Piece them together and behold: The LEGO Movie. (Be still, my childlike heart!)

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Released in the U.S. on February 7th by Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures, I immediately bought tickets for the first LEGO movie ever produced to witness history in the making. I initially assumed I would experience a typical, feel-good, cutesy animated film, which I was willing to endure due to the star-strewn cast. With names and voices equally recognizable, the picture includes movie icons Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Will Farrell, and Will Arnett, which guaranteed an above-average film at the least. However, I soon learned I should leave my expectations in the lobby.

Indeed, the film begins like every other feature…but immediately accelerates from zero to 60 in a matter of seconds. From the epic, over-the-top introduction to the jaw-dropping surprise ending, the creators rev up the fast-paced plotline to entertain even the most skeptical of movie-goers. There is so much happening all at once, with such colorful and creative mastery of LEGO animation, it is impossible to do anything but smile and hold on to your seat.

M (a poem)

Red Rehab to Relapse

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Musings from the West Side Wine Store

(from one of my previous jobs, yet also my favorite with so many good memories)

About a year ago I realized I was utterly “burned-out” on pinot noir. For some people, this happens and is an understandable palate change on our wine tasting journey. However, for someone working in the wine industry, living smack-dab in the epicenter of Willamette Valley pinot noir country, this was a travesty. I mean, for goodness sake, about a third of our reds at the wine shop are pinot noir because of all the local wineries who harvest the grape. I was backwards. My palate needed help.

I went into rehab (of the wine sort) to get me turned back on to reds. So I spent some time timidly trying out the heftier red wines of our northwest region, and even foreign vintages, delving deeper into the fuller and richer, darker and heavier reds that I couldn’t “handle” during my year-long pinot noir love-affair. I welcomed the change, and appreciated that my nose, tongue, and stomach didn’t reject the more complex reds as before. And I settled into a happy, red routine once more.

Until Tim Wilson came along.

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This dream has been a long time coming. Years of contemplation, one decision, then months of hard work to build this blog from the ground up. I think every writer has a vision for how they imagine their work will turn out, but there is no guarantee; our own imaginations can surprise us and even our creation can have a mind of its own, resulting in something we never thought we were capable of.

I am a sentimentalist and hopeless romantic by nature, but I find it awkward to reveal that side of myself most of the time. However, I didn’t think it would be fair to start off this blog-baby of mine without at least a smidgen of sincerity amongst all my sarcasm and dry humor. I naturally have a desire to please my audience, but I also want to write for myself because, at the end of the day, I simply want to publish the thoughts and ideas that have been harbored in my head for over 20 years. I also know, now, with certainty, that God has given me a gift and He intends to use me for a purpose. What that will look like, I have no idea. All I know is that I need to write, edit, publish, and repeat.

So here I am at the beginning, with some trace of an idea, but ready to face plenty of trial-and-error. Lord knows what this little rhetorical adventure has in store for me.

Cheers to the Ginger Genesis.

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