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Lenten Hiatus


Lent = no social media. (Because Jesus earned my undivided attention long before the internet ever did.)
I know I’m two days late, technically, but I know this decision has come at the perfect time. I am still reachable via email and phone (click my “Contact” tab to reach me). #PopUpPoetry locations and updates will be posted via the hubs to my website ( and to my Facebook Page (“Rhetorical Redhead”) for those looking to find me for Valentine’s Day weekend (3 gigs are happening, ahh!), and for all other poetry/writing/editing needs. See you on the other side. <3


2015 taught me a lot about friendships. How and who to trust, and when to let go when the relationship becomes toxic or one-sided. There is nothing wrong with setting boundaries for your heart. ❤image


The Christmas Story


by J.M. Murdoch, Rhetorical Redhead ©2015 All Rights Reserved

As written for and performed at the Christmas Eve Services at Salem Alliance Church on December 24th, 2015





‘Twas not the silent night of old

tradition leads us to believe;

perhaps the greatest story told

is the ‘Unspoken Christmas Eve.’

Both fully-God and fully-man,

fulfilling holy prophecy,

the Rock on which the Church would stand

bore humble birth and ancestry.

Come sit, come hear the Tale of Times

retold in careful word and script;

there’s much to read between the lines

revealed anew each year, for it’s

beyond the text, beyond the page,

these people, places, feeling, thought,

define a Faith that’s without age

because of Love, because of God.

‘Tis the Season: Spend More Time, Spend Less Money

‘Twas the eve before Christmas and all through downtown,
not a single soul resting—no time to slow down!
With twinkle lights hung (precarious in the rain)
in hopes that next year this won’t happen again.
The wish lists were gripped, e’en taken to beds,
while visions of bright price tags danced in their heads.
Our customs, traditions—how stressors do climb!
This season merely asks: “Spend less money; more time.”
– Written by J.M. Murdoch (c)2015 –
[This imperfect poem is a nod to “The Night Before Christmas,” first published anonymously on December 23rd, 1823 in the Troy Sentinel newspaper in upstate New York.] 

0365-XLMy most recent article published to the Salem Weekly focuses on slowing down this holiday season. Spend more time with your loved ones, and spend less money. The best things in life do not have a price tag, but if you are in need of gifts for friends and family, I encourage you to shop local, wherever you live. Statesman_SkatingBy buying from your local (private, non-corporate) businesses, you are helping those shop owners support their own families and dreams this Christmas, and year-round. Help make Salem and its surrounding areas a strong and vibrant community. You can read the full article on the Salem Weekly website by clicking HERE, or by picking up the Salem Weekly newspaper at one of over 700+ locations in the local area.
The article also includes numerous unique and authentic “things to do” for the holidays, which won’t break the bank, but encourages spending quality time with others in order to make priceless, memorable experiences this winter. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Jessica Murdoch


Cheers to Willamette Valley Wine

My most recent article, as published in the Salem Weekly Thanksgiving issue. The Wine Country Thanksgiving spread is a great resource for this weekend’s festivities in Salem and the surrounding areas. Click HERE to read the article online, or pick up a copy of the Salem Weekly at one of 700+ local drop sites and businesses. Cheers!

Coria Vineyard 2
Photo courtesy of Cória Estates, located in South Salem.

Coffee with a Cop

What an incredible event. The Salem Police Department hosted their first‪ #‎CoffeeWithACop‬ at Broadway Coffeehouse this morning. I couldn’t help but have a glad heart to see our community come together to support our local law enforcement…what a perfect way to foster healthy relationships between our officers and the people of ‪#‎SalemOR‬. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in planning this event, and to all who came to pack the house! ‪#‎PopUpPoetry‬ by ‪#‎RhetoricalRedhead‬ of ‪#‎SalemOregon

PUP Coffee with a Cop (1)

PUP Coffee with a Cop (2)

PUP Coffee with a Cop (3)

PUP Coffee with a Cop (4)


“Salem” – a sonnet

“Salem” is an original poem written by Jessica Murdoch, published in the Salem Weekly newspaper on September 3rd, 2015. As requested by #PopUpPoetry customer, Christine, the poem is a sonnet (specifically a Shakespearean-style sonnet) written in iambic pentameter, with the rhyme scheme ABAB CDCD EFEFGG.

© 2015 Rhetorical Redhead All Rights Reserved

Salem Writes - 'Salem' a sonnet


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