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My Mantra

Words To Live By

My mantra. My life is never as fulfilling as when I follow these three, simple guidelines. #BeIntentional in all that you do, in all that you say, and with every person you know or meet. Step out of your comfort zone, if need be, but reach out and actually mean it when you ask, “How are you doing?” and be willing to listen to the real response. Ask questions and smile; people can sense you actually care and it will lift them up and brighten their day in such beautiful ways. #BeAuthentic at all times; people know when you are insincere…chances are a person would rather the real you than the false you, no matter how scary that seems…no one likes to be lied to, no matter how small. #BePresent when you are with someone or doing something of importance that demands your full attention; be fully “aware” in the moment and engage yourself completely…eye-contact, listen (REALLY listen), ask deeper questions to express your genuine interest, and just BE in the moment 100% and ignore all other distractions. Prove that the person or thing is worth your time and attention by being there with them completely. Life blooms in technicolor when we start living outside our own insecure bubbles. BE! And BE beautiful! But BE intentional, authentic, present with others, too, and you will reap the benefits. Promise.

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