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First “Live” Pop Up Poetry Request

Well. I broke the ice. My very first “live” #PopUpPoetry request was for such a sweet, newly-engaged couple at @archivecoffeeandbar. She had just shared with him her long-time dream of being a florist, and I whipped this up to commemorate their new beginnings and exciting future. I was surprised and deeply humbled to receive not only a surprise donation for my spontaneous, impromptu gesture, but also tears of joy and a hug. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect First than this. ❤ Blessings upon you both, M & B; thank you for your kindness and the wonderful opportunity to kick-start my little business! I wish you all the joy and happiness in your adventures together. #perfect

PUP First Request

PUP Flowers & Futures & Forevers

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