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Collab with Djecky “Jake” Adams

Collaboration with this beautiful soul…I came across @ov.words on Instagram a few months ago, and it has been so fun to watch his writing progress! Exposing his soul without fear, his poetry caught my eye with its raw emotion and its ability to stir up my own. Young talent here with a mission, watch out! Very blessed to call him my friend. Thank you for this opportunity to have a little fun! (I know the text is hard to read; it’s not meant for a tiny photograph…written out below.)

Collab with Djecky "Jake" Adams

I sit before this typewriter to write
About how you’ve sewn yourself upon me
You are my pacemaker,
Keeping the dead parts of my heart alive.
I always hated the romantic poets,
Talking about love and being in love,
Over-dramatizing it.
Yet now
I see the necessity of the words they chose:
Their “you are the life-air in my lungs”
Once you have that love
Coursing through your ventricles
You will know the reason for which
They write like they do.


If I am to your heart a pacemaker,
The lifesource of your rhythmic will,
So as you are fuel to my very existence;
Without you I am but bundles
Of wired nerves and
Misfiring synapses,
Tw1st3d s1n3w
Without a form in which to surge life.
The Greats had an idea or two about Love:
Two hosts
Two viruses
In and of the other
Leeching and emitting Life and Love.
They knew it took one Me and one You
Giving and receiving through braided limbs
To forge this singular beating breathing body
We call “Us.”


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