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A little bit about myself…

In March 2014, I decided to quit my “normal,” well-paid, 8-to-5 job in order to pursue my lifelong dream of being a freelance writer and editor. More than anything, I believe in pursuing your passions at all costs, and doing what you love. While I write articles, reviews, creative nonfiction, and write and edit all sorts of content, most people recognize me as “the redhead with the typewriter!” I’ve been busking poetry on the streets and for special events since fall of 2014. With vintage typewriter, desk and chair in hand, I set up wherever my muse tempts me, and I compose poetry on-demand for anyone who cares to join in on the fun. This novelty side-job has become one of my favorite perks of freelancing. I have been so blessed by the eclectic nature of the people I’ve met, and I’m always wowed by the life-changing stories they have to offer.

Above all, I am eternally indebted to my clients, customers, and readers. Each and every one of you have played a part in creating a thriving, supportive community by paying it forward to me and to so many others. Thank you!

For all inquiries, including general questions and comments, pitching collaborations, hiring for writing, editing, or Pop Up Poetry services, please feel free to email me:

You can also find me, and follow my latest shenanigans, via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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