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A-to-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

Albeit a bit delayed since I jumped on the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge at the last second (quite literally…I explain more in my previous post), but as my hiatus comes to a close, I present my finalized list of topics I will be writing about under my theme of “Poetry”–with each post accompanied by a related poem. I hope this whets your appetite–I know I’m definitely excited about discussing these topics with you guys! (And yes, haha, I’ll be playing a little catch up once my feet are back on home soil.) Thank you so much for reading along!

On Poetry…

A – Alpha (on beginnings)

B – Busking (on selling poetry on the street)

C – Community (on the importance of communities as a poet/writer)

D – Day Trips (on adventuring and wanderlust, and gleaning poetic material)

E – Editing (on all things revising)

F – F*ck (on the use of expletives in poetry)

G – (The) Greats (on The Greats…’nuff said)

H – Humility (on taking your daily dose as a poet) Hacking Up a Lung (on being a sick poet)

I – Imagination (on how to create poetry without experience)

J – Joy (on simply enjoying the poetry process)

K – Knowledge (on reading and ongoing education)

L – Love & Lust (on turning the most popular topic into a one-of-a-kind poem)

M – Muse (on how we need her, fight her, cherish her)

N – Networking (on its key role in poetry)

O – Owning It (on accepting your role as a poet)

P – Poetry (on what it really is)

Q – Quixotism (on dreaming big)

R – Rhyme (on conventions in poetry)

S – Social Media (the perks and pitfalls when it comes to poetry)

T – Typewriters (on their perfect pairing with poetry)

U – Um… (on Writer’s Block and other stumps)

V – Vocabulary (on words, beautiful words)

W – Work (on putting for the real effort)

X – eXceptions (on when to make them in poetry)

Y – Yes (on saying it at the right time)

Z – Zeal (on writing with it…always)

Topics subject to change.

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