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A Rhetorical Update

A line from a larger piece. ✒

An update for you, my dear reader:

I know it’s easy to see that #PopUpPoetry takes up a LOT of my time (it does…my IG gallery reflects that blatantly, as does my gap in WordPress posts). But that’s not to say I don’t continue to work on other things. It has actually been very hard to resist posting my more personal pieces as of late–because, firstly, people plagiarize FAR too much on the internet for my liking and I can’t afford to be plagiarized because, secondly, I am saving my work to submit for publication. It’s a slow and arduous process, but that’s tells me I’m doing it right. Publication doesn’t come easy…it’s not something to rush, but I am enjoying my steady march because I know I will look back with no regrets at some knee-jerk acceptance to some new-age publisher I knew nothing about. Due diligence is my goal. If I do this right, if I do this proper, paying attention when my moral compass points North…I think I’ll make it out okay, and with a smile.

On top of submissions, I am gearing up to begin one of my novels. ‘Nuff said, there. Otherwise, summer is here and the hubs and I are delighting in house projects in our new home, especially our backyard… #bonfiresandbarbequeandbunsOHMY! Life is busy, but full and joyful! I continue to do commissioned pieces through Etsy. I am forever working on my website/blog. I am networking hard and pushing to get involved in my community. I’m even in discussions to teach mini writing classes to the local youth. LIFE, guys. Life. It is my ultimate Muse and I am blessed by it. So I would like to apologize that my feeds, my sites, my pages, haven’t been the best reflection of my work, as of late, but I hope you now understand why.

From this point forward…I wish to be more candid with you and share what it is I do….REALLY do. Even if it’s just snippets. Because ALL of it plays into my career. Writing is a huge part of who I am, and Life absolutely makes me the writer you see before you now. I look forward to opening up my Pandora’s box for you. I hope you enjoy, in turn. ❤✒❤

As always, with deepest gratitude, 


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