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Month: March 2016

Forty Days Later…

IMG_20160327_132817Forty days without social media. I’m back, but I’ve changed significantly and I’m in love with my newfound perspective. Without the distractions of social media, I was able to focus on my business and watch it grow exponentially in just 40 days…which seems so counter-cultural.

I had many people express their shock and concern that I was dropping my social media presence not only for personal use, but my business side as well. “Won’t that hurt your business?” and “That’s impossible to do as a business owner…” were two frequent claims people told me. But I’m thrilled to say it is possible…and that it didn’t hurt my business one iota. Rather, it did quite the opposite. It freed up more time for me to say YES to clients, work with clients, meet with potential collaborations, say YES to cool projects, take more time for my own personal growth, and rediscover that my priorities were all wrong prior to my fast. I spent more time with loved ones, and forged new friendships. It opened doors that would have otherwise remained closed due to my lack of being “present” in my own life.

I accomplished so much by saying YES to saying NO. Enough is enough, and while social media is often a double-edged sword for business owners, that “necessary evil,” I have re-entered the sphere to find that Rhetorical Redhead has missed nothing. Absolutely nothing. All the important people and events and discussions occurred over phone or email, and all the best things happened because of them. I feel liberated, encouraged, motivated, unstoppable. “When God is for us, nothing can be against us.” And God is always for us. YES.

Spoken Word: Easter 2016

Ray 5
Image courtesy of Salem Alliance Church. All rights reserved.

“Because He Lives”

© 2016 Rhetorical Redhead All Rights Reserved

This Easter, I had the opportunity to compose another spoken word poem for Salem Alliance Church. The piece would be performed by an intelligent young man by the name of Ray White, recorded by SAC’s extremely talented tech guy, Chris Hahn, and directed by myself and Jeff Brown, the church’s Worship Pastor.

I continue to be humbled and blessed by beautiful collaborations such as these…they fall into my lap without my asking, and I’ve learned to say “yes” to the things that terrify me. Growth happens when you’re able to work through your fears, making them work for you, and replacing uncertainty with absolute trust. It’s so very hard. But so very liberating. And that is exactly what happened this Easter weekend. I never seem to be able to articulate these experiences very well…and I suppose that is alright. The best things in life need no explanation.

The livestream video is available to view by clicking here. For those who do not wish to watch the full video, the spoken word piece begins at the 24:45 time stamp. If you happen to meet Ray or Chris or Jeff, thank them. And I do hope you’ll take the time to watch the service in its entirety. We are surrounded by passionate and talented individuals who have such a heart for Christ and for others. Let’s celebrate Him, and each other, and remember that we live because He lives.

(Text of poem below.)


“Poetry Has a New Name”

 “Salem’s art scene is untapped. Portland—forget about it. It’s like elbowing into a crowded sardine can. But not here. This is a river you can leap into, and create a great literary scene.”

Henry Hughes, in an interview with the Salem Weeklybunchofanimals

Click here to read my recent article in the Salem Weekly‘s Art section, discussing our local poetry community.

The article weaves through an insightful interview with the ever gracious poet and author, Henry Hughes, who has just released a new collection of poetry, Bunch of Animals, as well as a memoir, Back Seat with Fish. Hughes’ writing continues to capture his ongoing love affair with fishing, people, nature, and the Pacific Northwest in exquisite detail and accuracy. Both his poetry and his nonfiction are highly recommended. You can read reviews for Hughes’ Back Seat with Fish by clicking here. For reviews on Bunch of Animals, click here. Both books are available for purchase on

(Cover image for Bunch of Animals is an original piece by local artist Gregory Poulin.)

Book Review: “Back Seat with Fish” by Henry Hughes

Back Seat with Fish
I had the immense pleasure of reading and reviewing a new work of nonfiction, released by Skyhorse Publishing earlier this month. Back Seat with Fish is a refreshing take on the fishing memoir, written by the magnanimous Henry Hughes. Hughes’ book is dynamic and engaging, plunging into the art of angling, of navigating relationships and traveling the world. There is no shortage of entertainment, nor thoughtful execution. Hughes is a brilliant storyteller, reviving the once-unpalatable genre of ‘the fishing memoir’ for men and women of all ages and origins to enjoy. Click here to read the full review on Amazon before purchasing a copy for yourself or for a friend. (There’s no such thing as buyer’s remorse when a novel is this good.) #supportlocal


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