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Month: September 2014


Tribute to you, found in a courtyard in a seaside town. Never forget the dreams you once had as a child, for they were not childish. We have simply forgotten the power in chasing our tomorrows with boundless faith in achieving the *impossible* if only we believe in ourselves. You may call me a dreamer, but I…oh, how I have witnessed the impossible.
This (a poem)

Haiku #106

Haiku #106

Voice Mail Ghost (typed)

“Voice Mail Ghost” as a test run on the newest addition to my growing typewriter family. Rich purple 1950s Olympia De Luxe. Still getting used to her keystrokes, but she sure is purty. Pictures to come! Hope everyone is having a lovely day. ❤, Jess

Voice Mail Ghost (a poem)

Voice Mail Ghost (handwritten)

Note to Self: Stop being cheap…it is always always worth spending the extra money for quality paper. Apologies for the poor quality. #writerproblems In other news, I’m back from vacation and my writing hiatus is broken (yay!). I wish to thank each and every one of you, my readers, for being so patient and gracious and choosing to hang tight while I was off adventuring and gleaning new material from my experiences. I think it’s crucial for writers to take a breather every once in a while in order to refocus and recharge, and, thankfully, Chicago did just that. Thank you all. Your continued kindness and support does not go unnoticed. ❤ More posts to come! Soooo much content to play with!
Voice Mail Ghost (a poem, handwritten)

I’m On A Boat!

Guys…hey guys!…

I’M ON A BOAT! #ChicagoWaterTaxi

Possibly one of my all-time favorite things I got to do during my week in Chicago. 🙂

Chicago Water Taxi


Wrote this while wallowing in an especially snarky mood. Tucked it away. Forgot about it. Found it. Decided it wasn’t complete and utter shit. Also because I still feel as strongly about the topic (in a personal sense). Posting.


This is very near and dear to me. I have lived this tale many a time in my life.

Once (a poem)

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